A door is complete with the best door frames/ door jambs

Door frames gives you the look whereas door jambs give you the solid support. Both these ingredients are mixed to give you the perfect usable door at The Paam Group. Some of the most important things to look at while building your door are the materials and techniques put into making your door. The PAAM Group ensures a great mix of both of them with zero compromise in quality. Made from the wood you choose, our doors are designed to be simply the best. They are further layered with a perfect door frame and fixed with a door jamb to make your installation complete.


Not adding a door jamb to your doors can be a regret in most cases. Door jambs help your door latch onto your door closing it tightly and securely and increasing its functionality of opening and closing. Without door jambs, your door is simply incomplete and baseless. So, you have to look into your Door Jamb just as much as you look into your door and find someone who gives both of them equal importance – just like The Paam Group.


Nowadays, life is at speed and everyone wants everything easy. Which is why The Paam group has made installation of our door frames and door jambs extremely easy for you. A less painstaking, less time taking process is built just for you. This one installation will last a much longer time than you expect so you can say goodbye to regularly checking and fixing your door.