Close to perfect formwork panels

Usefulness of a formwork panel and laminated veneer lumber is the top priority that the PAAM Group looks into. The thickness and density of the formwork panels or veneer lumber defines it’s usage. According to the thickness, it can be used for many purposes. The PAAM Group has customizable formwork panels and lumbers that are of different thickness and sizes. Another important factor for buying hardware for your buildings is to look into the price. The PAAM Group has the highest quality materials that are competitive in the market along with reasonable prices.

Light-weight work needs light weight products and hence PAAM Group makes formwork panels that can take on less load bearing for different usage and more load bearing for heavy duty usage. Our panels and lumbers go through the state of the art production and least manual labour that adds precision and clean cuts to our products that make them almost flawless. Industries like construction, furnishings, interiors etc can be highly profited by our formwork panels and laminated veneer lumbers for fulfilling different purposes. Stable and strong are the two main characteristics of our plywoods that make them have a long life and repeated usage.

The PAAM Group’s main motto is customer satisfaction and the second is to provide the most high grade products possible. If you are looking for formwork panels and laminated veneer lumber’s at the best prices, then PAAM Group is surely an unbeatable option for you.