Different panels for different requirements

The Paam Group’s formwork panels and laminated veneer lumber come according to fulfilling many purposes. One of them would be construction purposes in which our panels are built strongly on both the sides and are made to stay stable and strong. You could use these panels in floors, roofs, walls, etc and be stress free of its strength. Available in different thickness, it could be used in construction as well as the furniture industries.


For normal requirements, we have formwork panels and laminated veneer lumber that are less in weight and can hence have many uses to them. Even then they can take on a certain amount of load and can give you maximum output. All our panels and veneers and cut and processed with care.


Overall, The Paam Group brings to you high quality wood that is useful in absolutely any application. They are available in any and every thickness according to your requirement. The Paam Group has successfully paved its way in the industry with high grade panels. We bring you the most cost effective process so you do not have to worry about a big hole in your pocket while purchasing our products and can do so freely.