Plywood Formwork Panels that are reliable and everlasting

The Plywood Formwork Panel keeps its shape regardless of changes in humidity. The Paam Group has found a number of end users for these panels like formwork, farm buildings, sport facilities, vehicle walls, inside linings, bulkheads, etc. They are smooth, maintenance-free surface, easy to keep clean, ready for use and have a high load bearing capacity which makes it an ideal material for system formwork.

Our formwork panels can be installed easily and quickly – in any formwork and they keep consistently exhibiting superior performance compared to timber panels and enhancing construction productivity.

Some features of our plywood formwork panels are:

Lasts longer – many uses of a single formwork panel have been documented
No problems with water – no shrinking or swelling
No discoloration
No delimitation
High UV resistance
High abrasion resistance
High resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals
Easy to clean – even when using a high-pressure washer
Can be repaired without any loss of quality – be it scratches, holes or perforations
Easy to handle – can be nailed, screwed and cut just like timber
Rigid yet flexible – therefore ideal for curves, corners and special shapes
Can be supplied in almost any size and shape – thanks to a continuous production process and the fact that they are weld able

Formwork panels result in less re-paneling requirements, less new panels, less time-consuming cleaning and repair work – while enabling top quality exposed concrete. Ceiling, wall and large façade elements can thus be produced with the same finish as joint less precast components and can be stored outdoors without a loss of quality.

All Paam Group Wood concrete formwork panels have been designed to meet the requirements of different types of castings in order to achieve the highest quality concrete cast finish which makes us the best Plywood Formwork Panels Manufacturer.