Premium Jack and props at affordable prices

The PAAM Group is a jack and props manufacturer in Hyderabad that produces steel jack and props that are manufactured from high grade steel for a long durable life and maximum load bearing with resistance to wear and tear. We always keep in mind the diverse situations that our jack and props can be used for and hence create our equipment accordingly.


We have diverse, quality tested Jack and Props products that can apply to any situation. We also compete in the prices which makes us the leading jack and props manufacturer in Hyderabad.  You can also join the jack and props one on top of the other for additional height which can be further inserted with lock holes and adjustments. These are infinitely reusable products which can be treated as an investment.


It is built with a telescopic body which allows fast installation and removal according to your needs. High grade quality products are always used by The PAAM Group  which you can rely on with closed eyes for every project of yours. We create custom, build to order props just for you with premium features.