The top notch Door Frames Manufacturer now available for you!

The Paam Group knows how important doors are and looks into the art of engineering a perfect door for you. Not just in the looks but also in its functionality. Paam Group ensures that every Flush door that comes out from its most modern manufacturing plant is made with seasoned timber and selected premium veneers.


Doors are an important requirement and element in every home and should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also have features like durability, strength, water and heat resistance and it should not warp with time. Our Doors are dimensionally stable, durable, totally resistant to termites and borers and are 100% boiling water proof, Completely made from perfectly seasoned and chemically treated prime quality Hardwood timber and can be used for bed room, drawing room, bath room etc. Which makes it the best flush doors for homes?


Our wide range of premium borer-proof doors made by mechanized manufacturing process, which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending and a smooth surface for laminations. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity and has a high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance.


Advantages of flush doors are following:


  • Flush Doors offer simplicity in design and less expensive
  • Flush Doors provide attractive appearance & durability
  • They have rich, warm appearance of a traditional door
  • They have good stability against twisting
  • They can’t split, peel or rot, and don’t require periodic refinishing
  • It’s also unaffected by the elements and humid environments, and ores good cleanliness


Hence, we at Paam group design modern, elegant and ready to use that can be easily installed with minimum efforts to protect and beautify your dream home, being a Flush Doors Manufacturer